Dr Louie Beach ReporterThanks for first responders

With my American Eskimo, last Wednesday (1-13) in the dog park (Manhattan Beach Water Tower) I suddenly felt as if I were slipping in mud, where there was none. My right foot was twisted outward, immobile with a buzzing sensation. Texted my PT, Sean Ryan, who responded with advice to call paramedics immediately. The “911” agent #805 got the superb MB Fire Department to send three of their best, Tom, Josh and James in a few minutes. Focused and courteous, they assessed my situation. I was painlessly delivered to the fabulous EMTs from McCormick Ambulance who transported me to the nearest hospital while keeping me comfortable and safe. I expected to wait for hours in ER, only to be treated humanely in a few minutes during which EMT’s transferred all my info avoiding any clerical madness in ER where all staff, especially Dr. Louie, were professional and devoted.

X-rays confirmed a dislocated hip; my orthopedic surgeon, Andrew Wassef, raced to LCOM from surgery in LB; with aid from an astute anesthesiologist, Dr. Quash, he put me back together without surgery in time for dinner at home! 11/05/20 I dislocated my hip; I didn’t call the paramedics. It took two urgent cares, one ER, two hospital stays, three procedures, and seven days to correct the same problem!

I was astounded at the efficiency, expertise, stress-reducing staff every step of my tenuous journey back to wholeness. Some friends have said I have guardian angels watching over me. I say those angels are all the people who stepped up to perform their best, driven solely by their desire to help one in physical distress in the most dangerous, COVID-19 vulnerable times. My heart is over-flowing with gratitude. Kudos to you all!

—Carol J. Levin, Manhattan Beach

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